Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lindsay Must Be Pissed

It appears that ABC will not press charges against Chris Brown for his chair-throwing, window-breaking, chest-puffing tantrum yesterday. This is very good news for Mr. Breezy, who is still on probation from beating up Rihanna. Had ABC pressed charges, Chrissy could have landed his sweet booty in the clink. According to TMZ, the NYPD can not charge Chris because there is "no complaining victim." Really. Well, I'm complaining. I'm complaining that the glass shards Brown sent crashing down onto Broadway could have hit someone, and I'm complaining that this little punk is going to hurt someone (else) soon. Clearly, Chris has some issues that need to be worked out, and I hope he that happens. But, um, in the meantime, keep him away from innocent bystanders, please. And women. And windows. And, also, if the primary point of incarceration is to remove dangerous people from society, then sending Lindsay Lohan to jail for maybe stealing a necklace in full view of its owner while letting Chris off the hook for violent vandalism and endangerment seems like a whole lotta bullshit. Just saying.

Oh, one more thing -- I almost forgot. Brown wants us to focus on the fact that he has a new album out. Yippee.

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