Thursday, March 3, 2011

Look, MENSA: Cleavage!

"I swear Hype Williams is the most creative guy I know! He is a genius! He came up with all of the different looks and wanted me to be experiment with looks that I had never tried before." - Kim Kardashian, on her website, talking about the director of her new music video for "Jam (Pump It Up.)" Kim posted photos from the video shoot which show the evidence of Mr. Williams creative genius: a bathing suit and red lipstick! Where did he get those ideas? I mean, having Kim pout her big, red lips while half naked???! Inspired! Unheard of! Brilliant! THIS MAN WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

If you want to see larger pictures of Kimmie doing exactly what she always does, check out her blog. Don't blame me when your soul breaks out in hives.

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