Friday, March 11, 2011

Requisite "American Idol" Post, Edition 1

Here we have actor Bradley Cooper and "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald. Twinsies! Also, holy teeth, Batman. The only reason I'm posting this is because finally figuring out whom Pauly reminds me of was the most exciting moment yet on The Jennifer Lopez Show. Here's the thing: For better or worse, I'm a committed "American Idol" viewer. I was there when Kelly Clarkson's pipes beat Justin Guarini's spiral perm. I cheered for Fantasia back when she was just a great singer and not a felonious famewhore. I lived through Taylor Hicks, rooted for Blake Lewis, and had a few dirty dreams about Lee Dewyze (don't judge me). But I have yet to care about any of this season's Top 12, so, until I do, my "Idol" commentary will be confined to weekly admissions of my nascent, confusing love for Jenny L and random, pointless observations about the contestants. And so we've begun! Whoot!

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