Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Are Almost No Words, Volume Three

So, I was just innocently perusing Jezebel when I came across this gem. Do me a favor, would you? Watch the video and then come back, okay? Go ahead. I'll wait.

All righty. "The Breast Milk Baby." Because "little girls need to learn how to breastfeed." Um, no. No they do not. I am actually weary just thinking about the gender schema horrors and formula feeding propaganda buried in this toy, so I think the only thing to do now is play my favorite game, "What's Next?"

Breast Milk Baby! What's next? "My First Episiotomy"?

Breast Milk Baby! What's next? Fisher-Price introduces "Precious Places IVF Clinic"?

Breast Milk Baby! What's next? " Mattel's Doula Barbie"?

Breast Milk Baby!  What's next? "Dora and Diego's Paternity Test Pack"?

Your turn!


  1. ..."My First Breast Pump" sold separately.

  2. Fisher Price is coming out with "My first c@ck" -- so your little girl get ahead in the world.

  3. New exercise video so your daughter can start learning the correct way to do a kegel.

  4. it just can't be real, it's can't! and i looked all over their website and can't tell who the hell they are... friggin weird, dude.