Thursday, March 24, 2011

The "H" Stands For "Hypocrisy"

"Unfortunately, we rely on 'beauty authorities,' such as Hollywood, fashion designers and style experts to define beauty for us. The standards and criteria of beauty set by our society have been manipulated and bastardized and are wrong, absurd and unrealistic. Our role models have become 20-something starlets and fashion models whose photographs have been carefully orchestrated, airbrushed, Photoshopped and drastically altered. In person, these people do not look like their photos! The Huffington Post is certainly doing their part to expose this." - Dr. Robert Tornambe, plastic surgeon and author of The Beauty Quotient Formula, in a column he wrote for, of course, The Huffington Post.

Dr. Tornambe obviously makes a great point about unrealistic, absurd beauty standards. Amen to that, Dr. T. But giving props to The Huffington Post? Um, not so much. The good doctor links to an article HuffPost published about excessive Photoshopping on Victoria's Secret models, and, yes, it helps the cause to point out ridiculous retouching. But let's look at a few other posts from HuffPo:

There was this one from January:

And then this one from February:

Oh, and I loved this one from last year, titled, "Giuliana Rancic Debuts Pre-Baby Weight Gain":

Uh, where is the weight, exactly? Call me crazy, but I don't see it. Also, I'm sure GRan was thrilled, given her penchant for checking everyone's body fat, to have her non-existent gain pointed out. As thrilled as Raven-Symone was when HuffPo ignored her new TV gig in favor of a weigh-in. As thrilled as most women are to open up an entertainment news page to find Brooklyn Decker's bouncing boobs in a bikini. You get the point. Dr. Bob, on the other hand, might have missed it. I'm all for your shtick, Doc, but maybe you want to avoid giving empowerment props to a website that polices women's bodies. Just a suggestion.

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