Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Mess With Me, Amazon

Yesterday, PoliticalWire reported that Amazon had listed "Untitled Bristol Palin Memoir" as available for pre-order, with release scheduled for June 21. By the time PopEater and Jezebel picked up the story, Amazon had removed the listing. Oh, don't play coy, Amazon; the cat's out of the bag now. So what exactly is there about 20 year-old Bristol Palin that we don't already know? I'm pretty sure we know way too much about her callow, adolescent sex life...I know she can't dance...I know her mom is a barely literate, animal-killing, child-pimping famewhore...what's left to tell, BPal? In case you can't wait for Amazon to relist the book, you can always contact the publisher, William Morrow & Co., who also published Sarah Palin's crapfest, I mean book, Going Rogue. Keep up the good work, William Morrow! I smell a Pulitzer!

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